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Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) 

Extra-curricular activities (ECA) are activities that take place outside regular class teaching and yet are related to student learning. As such, they fall within the scope of the college curriculum. ECA take care of the students’ different developmental needs such as their sense of moral values and attitudes, skills and creativity. Through their participation in ECA, students can learn to communicate, to co-operate with other people, in addition to enrich their life experience. If students are given the opportunities to organize the events under ECA, they will gain first-hand experience of programme planning and leadership, thus enabling them to discover and develop their potential.  

Aims and Objectives of ECA

i.           Reinforcing classroom learning and allowing students to put their knowledge and skills into practice;

ii.         Facilitating the teaching of certain skills and the inculcation of certain values which may involve difficulties in a formal classroom setting;

iii.       Promoting students’ personal development by broadening their interests, developing their potential and providing opportunities for character building and leadership training;

iv.       Promoting student’s sense and space of social development by offering opportunities for the broadening of their social experiences, the practice of social skills and the internationalization of moral and social values; and

v.         Making college life more challenging and interesting.

ECA Coordinator 

To regulate, co-ordinate and control the Extra Curricular Activities in the college, a senior faculty member has been designated as ECA Co-coordinator.  

Functions of ECA Coordinator

 The ‘ECA Co-coordinator’ is responsible for organizing the ECA of the college, helping to arrange and to coordinate inter/intra college EC activities and major college functions, besides setting up of goals, instructions, guidelines and policies for the implementation of ECA.  

 ECA Clubs

 The following ECA Clubs have been established in the college

A.        Academic club

B.         Sports Club

C.         Art and cultural club

D.        Volunteer work and community services club.


Incharges of ECA Clubs 

Each ECA Club is heded by a faculty member, designated as incharge-ECA Club.

Functions of Incharges Of ECA Clubs

 With respect to its developmental stage, each club devises its own activity plan, invovement method, frequency of meetings, activity content and set up distinct goals, according to its own sphere of activity. These goals include aspects related to intellectual, physical, social and personality development. Since the functions of ECA clubs are by nature wide-ranging and complex, each club has been advised to make adjustments according to its own circumstances.  

Extracurricular Activities Pertaining to ECA Clubs

A)           ACADEMIC CLUB

1.         Seminars

2.         Symposiums

3.         Conferences

4.         Essay Writing Competition

5.         Quiz Programs

6.         Debates & Discussions

7.         Mass Prayers

8.         Excursions

9.         Trips To Places Of Academic Importance

10.     Write Ups For College Magazine

11.     Preparation Of Academically Important Charts & Models

B)           SPORTS CLUB:-

1.         Cricket

2.         Football

3.         Volley Ball

4.         Kabadi

5.         Kho Kho

6.         Badminton

7.         Hockey

8.         Mass Parade

9.         Mass Drill

10.     Yoga

11.     Athletics

12.     Bicycling

13.     Table Tennis

14.     Chess

C)           ART & CULTURAL CLUB

1.         Dramatics

2.         Music & Folk Dance

3.         Drawing & Painting, Model Making

4.         Decoration

5.         Celebration Of College Annual Day

6.         Art & Craft

7.         Singing

8.         Mimicry

9.         Visit To The Places Of Art & Cultural Interest

10.     Opportunities To Meet With Artists, Writers And Professional Cultural Organizations

11.     Theatrical Performances

12.     Fancy Dress Competition

13.     Album Making

14.     Photography

15.     Celebration Of Festivals 


1.         Holding Medical Camps

2.         Blood Donation Camps

3.         Immunization

4.         Red Cross Society

5.         Community Fund Raising

6.         Drug De-Addiction Campaigns

7.         Scouting

8.         Disaster Management

9.         First Aid Trainings

10.     Public Health awareness camps

ECA Manual

 For effective implementation of ECA in the institution, given the belief that ECA helps to develop various facets of the personality development of the students, the college has adopted the ECA Manual, incorporated by the Management, to cater to the cultural, social and aesthetic development of the students.

The copy of the said ECA Manual can be downloaded from Downloads Section of this website  

Schedule of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) For Year 2018












Unani Day

11th February, 2018


World Forestry Day

21st March, 2018


Word Health Day

07th April, 2018


Seminar or Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions

28th April, 2018


Seerat Conference

24th May, 2018


World Environment Day

5th June, 2018




Doctor’s Day

2nd July, 2018

1st July (Doctor’s Day) can’t be celebrated on said date due to Sunday


One day Excursion(Two Batches)

14th July, 2018


One day Excursion (Two Batches)

21st  July, 2018


Teacher’s Day

05th September, 2018


World Diabetes Day

14th November, 2018



Volunteer Work and Community Services

Medical Camps, Immunization Camps, Medical Screening Camps & Blood Donation Camps

Dated subjected to feasibility & confirmation from Govt. notifications & the collaborating health departments , Institutions, NGOs etc


Public Health Awareness Camp

12th September, 2018


Drug De – Addiction Campaign

04th October, 2018



Arts and Culture

Drawing and Painting Competition ( Theme Based)

10th May, 2018


Annual Day – 2018

21st August, 2018


Fresher’s & Farewell Parties

To be celebrated only on request from the students




4th International Day of Yoga.

21st June, 2018


Sports Week (Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, and Marathon)

07th August, 2018


11th August, 2018