Kashmir Tibbia College,Hospital & Research Center

Under The Aegis Of New Kashmir Educational Society

Kashmir Tibia College, Hospital & Research Centre (KTCHRC),was established in 1995 under the aegis of New Kashmir Educational Society (NKES), an autonomous non-profit educational society. As it completes more than 2 decades in medical education, KTCHRC looks back at the past with pride and to the future with conviction that it will realize its vision of being a world class institution of unani medical education in all its dimensions. Located in the picturesque and beautiful site, the campus of 4.35 acres is, surrounded by vast expenses of greenery and the tall blooming trees. The alumni of KTCHRC have been crucial to the rapid Progress of the institute. Several of KTCHRC students have also pursued higher studies and now teach in different colleges of the country.

KTCHRC honors its alumni by conferring a distinguished alumnus award at the annual convocation. Among the required full time faculty members, over 50 percent are higher faculty member and almost an equal percentage have more than 3 years exposure in the teaching field. KTCHRC remains mindful of the academic excellence and its needs of better health care deliverances and thus continuously upgrades its activities as such KTCHRC has rapidly attracted a superb student profile over the last years.